Candy Route

Would you like to take the Candy Route? It’s a very sweet and fun game to play.

You are a round red and white sweet that’s travelling through the candy route. As you travel, you need to hit the cupcakes. Depending on how you hit them, by hitting it quickly you will receive 1 point. By hitting right onto the cupcake can net you 2 points. Ding!

You move the candy my swiping side to side. You can also tap on an area to have the candy quickly move to your desired location.

There are hazards to avoid too. Other sweets!. Giant chocolate walls, musk sticks, donuts and rainbow spike candy. Hitting any of these results in an instant game over.

We hope you have fun taking the Candy Route like we do! Hint: It’s near the Candy Cascade!

There are both paid and free (ads) versions.