Ruby Run

Ruby Run is a challenging platformer not for the faint hearted. Explore and survive all the obstacles and traps as you collect various gemstones.

Amethyst crystal spike traps hang from the walls and ceilings. Some may even shoot out at you. Large molten rocks can be in your path. Metal blocks can come at you at a fast distance and possibly even come from behind you. You can even run into dead end walls.

Your Ruby moves on its own. Tap on-screen to make the Ruby jump. Tap on-screen twice for a double jump. If you fall or bounce off the ground, the double jump resets and you can recast again. Getting hit by any obstacle results in instant game over. The timing of your double jumps are very essential to survival.

Gemstones that you can collect include: Topaz, Amethyst, Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Diamond. Each stone type gives a different amount of points.

Topaz = 1 point.

Amethyst = 2 points.

Sapphire = 3 points.

Emerald = 5 points.

Ruby = 10 points.

Diamond = 25 points.

Whether its challenging, fun or pure frustration – Ruby Run will keep you addicted as you try to beat your own gem score.

Contains ads. No In app purchases.