Solitaire Classic – Relax Play

Ever wish you could play Solitaire and have fun with it anywhere you go conveniently? Now you can! Solitaire Classic – Relax Play, (yes it’s FREE!) is now all yours to download for the iPhone and iPad. We have made a polished up simple Solitaire gaming experience, straight to your jeans pocket!

– Solitaire can now be in your pocket instead of being stuck on a Windows computer!
– Enjoy large bright and easy to read cards. Eye friendly.
– Kill off boredom when you’re on your 2 hour train trip to work.
– Simple gameplay with a decent difficulty. After all, what’s the point if you beat it every time.
– Simply reset the game if you made a mistake during gameplay. No need to exit and reload the app.
– Nice win animation should you beat the game. Yay!

This app is for anybody that just wants to play a simple card game and relax casually. This app won’t make you rage like most games and apps of today’s competitive gaming era. We hope that you will love this card game and enjoy playing Solitaire Classic – Relax Play!